Go green at work with Eco Natural Cleaning

Eco Natural® offers a complete green cleaning, recycling and waste reduction program using environmentally responsible cleaning equipment, products and techniques to improve indoor air quality and protect health, natural resources and the environment.

For a safer, healthier workplace and to minimise the impact on the environment, our ‘green clean’ team will ensure your premises are hygienically and professionally cleaned to the highest standard. We can even assist your business to develop and implement an office recycling program.

Our cleaners use only eco responsible products, including low allergenic, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents; HEPA® micro filtered vacuum cleaners; and microfibre cloths and mops that pick up dust like a magnet!

The use of recycled, unbleached tissue paper products also plays an important role as part of a waste reduction strategy to lessen our impact on the environment.

If you choose to order your eco-friendly office supplies through Eco Natural – our cleaners will advise when you are running low on stock. Your product orders will be itemised on your cleaning account and delivered to you when we next clean your premises. What could be more convenient?!


Cleaning with toxins isn’t really cleaning!

When you choose a 'green cleaner' you are not only creating a healthier and more productive place to work, but doing the right thing by the environment as well.

Cleaning agents — We supply all our own high performance, cleaning products derived from natural or organic ingredients that are just as effective in providing a hygienic clean, but much kinder on our waterways and aquatic life, and the people who come into contact with your premises.

We carefully select Australian made, commercial grade cleaning products that meet or exceed the Australian standard for biodegradability. The cleaning agents we use are free of petrochemicals, phosphates, chlorine, harsh acids, solvents and synthetic fragrances, and are not tested on animals.

We use and recommend the EnviroClean product range which are grey water safe for your garden and suitable for septic, sewerage and bio cycle systems. These products are highly concentrated and unlike common supermarket brands they contain no 'fillers' - so are economical to use. You can buy in bulk and dilute with water into reuseable dispensers to reduce packaging waste.

Microfibre cleaning cloths — Cleaning with microfibre cloths and mops reduces water pollution caused by chemical use and eliminates the need for disposable items and their associated waste disposal costs. Microfibres also outperform traditional dusting methods, like feather dusters, that often just scatter or redistribute dust and dirt.

Vacuum Cleaners HEPA® (high efficiency particulate air) filters capture tiny particles of dust and allergens that would otherwise be blown back into the air through the vacuum’s exhaust system. This advanced filtration system traps 99.97% of airborne impurities as small as 0.3 microns — reducing common triggers of asthma and allergies and improving indoor air quality.

Waterless urinals Save over 150,000 litres of water per year by converting your existing urinals to waterless. Ask us how?

Waste Management We can support you to create or maintain your office recycling program.

Why not get a comparison quote for a safer, healthier, eco responsible clean when your cleaning contract next comes up for renewal?

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