Order eco-friendly cleaning, office and school supplies

Green procurement can really enhance your environmental credentials. Thanks to our new Eco Office® product range, Australian businesses, schools, universities, Government departments and not-for-profit organisations can now stock both their stationery and janitorial supply cupboards with sustainable alternatives to all their consumable office requisites.

We can support your workplace to adopt the best practice in office recycling and ethical and environmental purchasing.

Remember, the purchasing power of business helps build demand and drive down the cost of recycled goods and eco responsible products and services. The choices you make benefits us all!

Our Eco Office® product range includes:

Recycled stationery

Recycled stationery — An extensive range of 'green' office stationery and desk accessories, including biodegradable pens made from corn starch, pencils and pens created from recycled waste paper, remanufactured toner cartridges for your copier or printer, recycled ring binders, diary, arch lever binders and presentation folders... even recycled post-it notes!

Recycled copy paper — Make the switch to 100% post consumer, 100% Australian made copy paper. Or try our 100% tree-free copy paper made from bamboo. Available by the carton in either A4 or A3 size. Volume discounts available for pallet orders.

Recycled envelopes — Brown envelopes made in Australia from 100% post-consumer, unbleached, recycled paper. Available in a wide range of standard sizes including DL, C4, C5 and C6 in both 'lick & stick' or 'peel & seal'.

Elephant Dung paper — You'd never guess that this gorgeous range of hand made recycled paper,card, envelopes, notebooks and greeting cards is actually made from elephant poo! This innovate, fair trade stationery is odourless and available in a range of designer colours. The tactile paper can be hand fed through a printer.

Compostable catering supplies

Compostable tableware — Catering for your next meeting, conference, party or event with disposable cutlery and crockery, plates, bowls, cups, drinking straws or serviettes made from renewable resources such as cornstarch PLA, bamboo or sugarcane. Eco alternatives for disposable coffee cups with lids or clear cornstarch cups for your water cooler or office Christmas party.

Eco Office is an authorised distributor of the carbon neutral range of BioPak compostable catering supplies. Click here to download a brochure of the entire product range.

Sustainable bathroom & kitchen supplies

Recycled toilet paper, hand towels and facial tissues — Only five percent of the toilet paper we flush away in Australia is made from recycled paper. The rest is virgin fibre from plantation or native-forest trees. The use of Australian made recycled toilet tissue products is estimated to save half a million trees annually. Eco Office® can supply Australian-made, 100% post consumer recycled toilet rolls, facial tissues, perforated kitchen roll towels and hand towels that are not whitened with chlorine bleach. Or try our soft, white, 100% tree-free toilet paper and interleaved hand towels made from sugar cane bagasse and bamboo. Gentle both for you and for our precious planet.

Liquid hand soaps — Concentrated, natural hand cleanser contains no colour, fragrance or nasty chemicals. Check the label of the brand you are using now... many commonly used foaming hand soaps contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), palm oil, caustic lyes, propyl and glycol. Be kind to your skin and the environment. Buy in bulk and save!

Washing up products — Eco alternatives to your dishwashing liquid; or dishwasher powder and rinse aid for your machine.

Tea towels — Dry your dishes with stylish tea towels made from 100% bamboo fibres that absorb up to 3 times the water of a similar weight cotton towel. Unbleached bamboo hand towels also available, perfect for use as a sports or travel towel – super absorbent and doesn't take up much space in your bag.

Green cleaning products

Natural cleaning products — Effective, super-concentrated, Australian-made, green cleaning products that are septic and sewerage safe, economical to use, and biodegrade fast. All the products are non-toxic, low allergenic, not tested on animals, grey water safe for your garden, and contain no phosphates, chlorine or petroleum solvents. Better for the health of your staff and the environment. Dilute your own and save!

Waterless urinals — Save over 150,000 litres of water per year by converting your existing urinals to waterless.

Microfibre cleaning cloths outperform traditional dusting methods, like feather dusters, that often just scatter or redistribute dust and dirt. Use dry for dusting or wet for cleaning. Ideal for people with allergies.

Recycling bins & liners

Recycling bins — Colour coded eco bin system or under desk bins with dual compartments to separate paper from other office waste, makes recycling a breeze!

Degradable bin liners — Plastic bin liners can take up to 1,000 years to break down (biodegrade) in landfill. Say no to plastic - and switch to a compostable alternative made from corn starch that breaks down in approx. 45 to 90 days - about the same time as a dry leaf!

Recycled greeting cards & gift wrapping

Recycled greeting cards, gift tags & wrapping paper — Communicate your commitment to the environment with Australian-made greeting cards, gift tags and wrapping paper, printed with vegetable ink on post-consumer recycled paper and envelopes. Every pack of 10 greeting cards sold supports Trees for Life.

Recycled diaries & wall planners

Make a new year's resolution to buy recycled – starting with your choice of diary; or plan the year ahead on an enviro wall planner made from recycled materials.

Packaging and mailing supplies

Biodegradable packaging — Reduce landfill waste by choosing to wrap and dispatch your parcels in recycled cartons, bags and mailers, biodegradable bubble wrap and void fill peanuts, recycled tissue paper, counter rolls and natural twine.

Merchandising and promotional printing

Eco Pens — Promotional printing of your logo, website or message onto our biodegradable pens is now available. Choice of recycled paper, compostable cornstarch or recycled PET. Whether you need 500 or 5,000 pens... we'd be happy to prepare a quote to meet your specific requirements.

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